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UF is good for Florida

Last year, private companies licensing technology from the University of Florida infused nearly $2.3 billion into the state of Florida economy and accounted for the employment of more than 10,600 people. Read More

$12.56 BILLION

$12.56 BILLION

In industry output or sales revenues. UF's impact statewide is similar to the direct output or employment of: the state's trucking industry, its grocery food store sector and all home construction activities in Florida. 

UF's overall economic impact has grown despite the challenge of the recession, and both direct employment and student enrollment remained relatively unchanged at UF since 2009-2010.

Technology Licensing From UF

Technology Licensing From UF

The University of Florida infused $2.30 billion dollars into the Florida economy. In addition, it accounted for the employment of 10,600+ jobs.

UF's Effect on the Sunshine State

UF's Effect on the Sunshine State

The university contributed $7.83 billion dollars to the State Gross Domestic Product. It generated 135,576 Full and Part Time jobs, both direct and indirect.

UF's Economic Boost to North Florida

UF's Economic Boost to North Florida

UF attracted 4.03 million people who attended educational, cultural, health care and athletic events sponsored by the university. These attendees spent $253 million dollars.

Preeminence Faculty

"Each of these hires is exceptional in his or her field. Their combined talent has furthered the collective mission and vision of the University of Florida. Attracting more top-notch educators and researchers helps students and all Floridians who benefit from the breakthroughs that come out of the University of Florida."

Preeminence ROI

Preeminence ROI

From 2014 through Q1 2016, the value of research awards to Preeminence faculty hires was more than three times than their paid salaries and benefits. 


UF's total revenue sources from 2014-2015.


Non-State Sources


State Sources

Major revenues to the University of Florida

and affiliated organizations include: 

Hospital Revenues

— 48.8%

State Appropriations

— 13.1%

Others Less than 100M

— 8.9%

Federal Grants & Contracts


Net Student Tuition & Fees

— 7.5%

Non-Government Grants & Contracts

— 3.9%

Sales & Services of Component Units

— 2.7%

Net Investment Income

— 2.5%

Sales & Services of Auxiliary Enterprise

— 2.5%

Federal & State Scholarship Grants

— 2.3%

By the Numbers

“UF’s activities are very diverse, going beyond its education, research and service missions to encompass tourism, economic development and job creation to benefit the state.”

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