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UF/IFAS, Pasco County Partnership to Steer Through Transportation Issues

Pasco County faces one of the most complex transportation dilemmas in the state of Florida. With dramatic increases in the population expected over the next 30 years and an already heavily burdened system of existing roads and corridors, Pasco is bursting at the seams, especially in the SR 54/56 transit corridor. The introduction of multi-use community planning adds another level of complexity around intersections, where more pedestrians and bicyclists frequently encounter a large volume of cars. In addition, the anticipation of autonomous vehicles (i.e., self-driving cars) requires the use of innovative approaches when redesigning existing roadways and the creation of new infrastructure. To help meet these issues head-on, the Pasco County government is enlisting the help of the University of Florida’s Transportation Institute (UFTI).

Utilizing a potential $12 million FDOT grant opportunity to open the door to a partnership, the UF/IFAS Extension Pasco County director hosted a meeting between specialists from the UFTI and staff from the Pasco Planning and Development/Transportation Department in April 2016. This meeting prompted the commitment to work together to solve pressing transportation issues in Pasco and develop a significant partnership that will anticipate and solve future transportation issues throughout the Tampa Bay region.

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