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Today, more people are developing an interest in small farms and “home agriculture”, including developing small-scale poultry and egg operations, or just keeping a few chickens in their backyards. Small farms are an important part of the local economy, and backyard flocks can be an excellent source of fresh eggs and help families develop a better understanding of where our food comes from. In response to this trend, state and local lawmakers are revising their ordinances to permit poultry-keeping within municipal areas.  And when they do, they turn to the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) for guidance.

In Baker County, UF/IFAS Extension Director Mike Davis has become the go-to guy for poultry. He writes and edits Feathered Facts, a monthly newsletter for small farmers and backyard poultry enthusiasts. The newsletter answers common questions and keeps readers up to date on the latest information about flock management, egg production, poultry health, ordinance changes and many other topics. Feathered Facts is just one way that UF/IFAS Extension helps residents and businesses in Baker County find the solutions they need to make their community thrive.

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