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Florida Bull Test

In 2000, the UF/IFAS North Florida Research and Education Center in Marianna, Florida joined with the Florida Cattlemen’s Association to create the first annual Florida Bull Test. The primary purpose of the Florida Bull Test is to serve as an educational aid for the improvement of beef cattle. The test standardizes environmental conditions for evaluation post-weaning performance and provides records to help cattle breeders evaluate their breeding program. It also gives those looking to purchase cattle a source of performance-tested bulls. Since the inception of the test, 920 bulls have been tested from more than fourteen different breeds. The average sale during the Florida Bull Test ranges from $1,283 to $2,252. During the test, seed stock producers have the opportunity to advertise their breeding programs through testing and marketing bulls. The test is also a way to promote awareness and understanding of the latest animal breeding concepts and tools while showcasing superior beef cattle genetics in Florida.

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